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The Executive Director of Jesuit Refugee Service/USA is one of ten international regional directors of the worldwide Jesuit Refugee Service. Founded by the Society of Jesus in 1980, the mission of Jesuit Refugee Service is to accompany, serve and advocate for the rights of refugees and other forcibly displaced persons. JRS presently works in more than 45 countries worldwide to help meet the educational, health, social and other needs of some of the 65 million people displaced from their homes and seeking refuge. 

JRS/USA — a nonprofit organization classified as 501(c)(3) and based in Washington, D.C. — is a national work of the Society of Jesus in the United States and the major refugee outreach ministry of U.S. Jesuits. JRS/USA is also an integral part of the international operation of JRS, and its Executive Director works closely with the International Director of JRS, who is based at the Jesuit Curia in Rome. Functioning as the JRS North America Region, JRS/USA maintains an active relationship with JRS Canada. 

JRS/USA collaborates with the JRS International Office on strategic planning, financial management, policy and program development, international and national advocacy, communications, fundraising, partner stewardship, and public engagement. JRS/USA represents JRS worldwide before United Nations offices in the U.S. and abroad; the U.S. Department of State; other U.S. governmental bodies; and non-governmental organizations in the United States.

Responding to the unprecedented scale of the contemporary refugee crisis, JRS/USA and its JRS partners are engaged in dramatic growth and transformation. In December 2015, JRS launched the Global Education Initiative, which is raising $35 million world- wide to double the number of refugees served by JRS educational programs by 2020. Encouraged by the campaign’s accelerating American success and motivated by humanitarian crisis, JRS/USA is investing in institutional strengthening to expand and improve its ability to accompany, serve and advocate for those in greatest need. 



• The Executive Director is the chief executive of JRS/USA. She/he represents the organization both nationally and internationally, and is expected to undertake frequent travel — including trips to JRS offices in Rome, other JRS offices on occasion, JRS program sites supported by JRS/USA, important donor engagements, and policy conferences. 

• The Executive Director is passionate about the JRS mission, able to think strategically about its practical deployment, adept at managing and inspiring staff to deliver measurable results in a team setting, comfortable with building the organization’s financial future, and eloquent in communicating its mission and vision to the public. 

• To insure smooth program operation during both travel and office presence, the Executive Director insures a thorough protocol of financial, administrative and program management in all departments. 

• The Executive Director models an inclusive staff culture open to faith-based accompaniment and dialogue, in complement with principles, goals and entities of the U.S. Jesuit Conference. 

Program Management and Growth 

In the above-referenced season of unprecedented refugee needs and associated organizational growth, the JRS/USA Executive Director oversees all aspects of JRS operations in the United States and undertakes the following:

• Enables and manages staff to systematically deliver mission goals, build team spirit, breed enhanced accountability, and think strategically to responsibly grow the organization in the finest Jesuit tradition. 

• Understands the importance of setting clear goals for staff and conducting annual evaluations, and contributes toward systems that apply this culture to the organizational planning process. 

• Builds on expanded capacity and impact of JRS advocacy through energizing ongoing network growth. Contributes to policy papers, and provides public advocacy leadership. 

• Insures quality program development, in close linkage to improved systems of fundraising and partner stewardship. 

• Leads major fundraising requests in the public and private sectors. Provides guidance to development staff that contributes to successful realization of both restricted and unrestricted development goals during the Global Education Initiative and beyond. 

• Prioritizes the overall improvement of program management, IT and administration. Oversees financial management and program reporting systems that keep pace with an expanding public funding process and widening of private donor sources, contributing to stewardship practices that build financial accountability and fundraising capacity. 

• Strengthens JRS communications outreach through encouraging and participating in ongoing outreach into social media platforms while also protecting and engaging in existing means of public education and engagement. 

• Provides overall supervision of U.S.-based program activity, presently focused on Religious Service Programs for detained non-U.S. citizens in the federal detention centers run by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in New York, Texas, Florida and Arizona.
• Encourages the expansion of liaisons with U.S. Jesuit parishes, universities, 
colleges and high schools, as well as other religious and lay parties, underscoring important commonalities that contribute to collaborative programs and support. 


• The Executive Director reports to and works closely with the JRS/USA Board of Directors, setting policy for JRS/USA in the areas of financial and administrative management, program development and management, advocacy, communications, and human resources. 

• In addition, the Executive Director also works with the Corporate Membership (the seven U.S. Provincials) through the President of the Jesuit Conference. The ED also meets with the Corporate Membership at one of its scheduled annual meetings and receives guidance from the International Director.


JRS/USA employs twenty-five professionals who carry out its mission through four operating departments: Programs, Advocacy and Outreach, Communications and Advancement. Twelve of the staff members are in the field carrying out domestic programming and thirteen are in the Washington, D.C. office.



• JRS/USA Board of Directors
• JRS/USA Corporate Membership
• JRS International Director
• JRS/USA national and field staff
• JRS Regional Directors 


• United States government agencies 

• United Nations agencies 

• Jesuit and other Catholic institutions, including (but not exclusive to) the seven Jesuit Provinces across the United States, the Association of Jesuit Colleges and
Universities, and the Jesuit Schools Network.
• InterAction, Refugee Council USA, Detention Watch Network and other Refugee and Immigration NGOs
• Major donors


Brings substantial demonstrated experience managing a complex organization with multiple national and international stakeholders. Nonprofit experience is preferred 

Demonstrates clear and essential commitment to JRS mission, vision and values1

Demonstrates familiarity and essential appreciation for the teachings and work of the Jesuits and other orders of the Catholic Church
Demonstrates ability to guide an organization in a time of growth and heightened demand
Demonstrates financial management and budgeting knowledge
Demonstrates staff leadership and team-building skills. Preferably shows proficiency working in multi-cultural and international settings
Demonstrates written and oral public communication and advocacy skills Demonstrates ability to draw on personal and professional networks to strengthen JRS Demonstrates ability to guide and advance ambitious fundraising operations Preferably demonstrates familiarity with the federal funding process
Preferably demonstrates familiarity with impact measurement and program evaluation Preferably holds advanced academic degree(s)
Demonstrates essential advanced fluency in English, with proficiency in additional languages a plus 

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Do not use the form below. By January 21, 2017, send Letter of Application and Resume to the following contact for the Search Committee, Jesuit Refugee Service/USA: 

1The mission of Jesuit Refugee Service is to accompany, serve and advocate for the rights of refugees and other forcibly displaced persons. To accompany means to be a companion to the most vulnerable of our brothers and sisters worldwide. JRS services are available to refugees and displaced persons regardless of their race, ethnic origin, or religious beliefs. JRS advocates for just and generous policies and programs for the benefit of victims of forced displacements, so they can receive the support and protection they need until durable solutions are implemented. 

To see if there are jobs open in other Regions of JRS, please visit the International Office website.

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