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Visits – Hours & Time Limits
Sunday, February 08, 2009

MIra Loma Detention Facility in Lancaster, Calif. (Christian Fuchs — Jesuit Refugee Service/USA)
ICE/ERO Performance-Based National Detention Standards 2011
5.7 Visitation - V. Expected Practices
I. Visits by Family and Friends
1. Hours and Time Limits

Each facility shall establish a visiting schedule based on the detainee population and the demand for visits. Visits shall be permitted during set hours on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, and to the extent practicable, facilities shall also establish visiting hours on weekdays and during evening hours. The facility shall accommodate the scheduling needs of visitors for whom scheduled visiting hours pose a hardship, for example, authorizing special visits for family visitors.

To accommodate the volume of visitors within the limits of space and staff resources, and to ensure adequate security, the facility administrator may restrict visits (e.g., some or all detainees and visitors may be limited to visiting on Saturday or on Sunday but not both days). ICE/ERO does not require a facility to permit every visitor to visit on both days of a weekend, nor to permit every detainee to have visits on both days of a weekend. However, to the extent practicable, ICE/ERO encourages the facility administrator to establish visiting hours for each detainee on both days of the weekend, and to try to accommodate visitors who can only visit on a specific weekend day.

The facility’s written rules shall specify time limits for visits, no less than one hour, under normal conditions.

ICE/ERO encourages more generous limits when possible, especially for family members traveling significant distances. In unforeseen circumstances, such as the number of visitors exceeding visiting room capacity, the facility administrator may modify visiting periods.