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Incoming Property & Funds for Detainees
Tuesday, February 10, 2009

ICE/ERO Performance-Based National Detention Standards 2011
5.7 Visitation - V. Expected Practices
E. Incoming Property and Funds for Detainees
In accordance with standard “2.5 Funds and Personal Property,” each facility shall have written procedures regarding incoming property and money for detainees.

The facility administrator may permit a visitor to leave cash or a money order with a designated staff member for deposit in a detainee’s account; the staff member must provide a visitor a receipt for all money or property left at the facility. Under no circumstances may visitors give property or money directly to a detainee.

The shift supervisor must approve all items brought for detainees. The visiting room officer may not accept articles or gifts of any kind for a detainee, unless the facility administrator and/or shift supervisor has approved these items in advance.

Due to the relatively short length of stay and the fact that ICE/ERO provides all necessities, detainees may receive only minimal amounts of personal property including:

        1. small religious items;
        2. religious and secular reading material (soft cover);
        3. legal documents and paper;
        4. pictures: 10 maximum, measuring 5” x 7” or smaller each;
        5. prescription glasses;
        6. dentures;
        7. personal address book or pages;
        8. correspondence;
        9. wedding rings;
        10. telephone calling cards; and
11. other items approved by the facility administrator.