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Religious Fasts
Monday, September 01, 2008

ICE/ERO Performance-Based National Detention Standards 2011
5.5 Religious Practices - V. Expected Practices
L. Religious Fasts

The chaplain or religious services coordinator shall develop the religious fasts schedule for the calendar year and shall provide it to the facility administrator or designee. There are generally two different types of fasts: a public fast and a private or personal fast. 

When detainees observe a public fast that is mandated by law or custom for all the faith adherents (e.g., Ramadan, Lent, Yom Kippur), the facility shall provide a meal nutritionally equivalent to the meal(s) missed. Public fasts usually begin and end at specific times.

When a detainee fasts for personal religious reasons, no special accommodations need to be made for the meal(s) missed. Requests for meals after a personal fast shall be determined by the facility administrator on a case-by-case basis.