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Schedules and Facilities
Tuesday, August 11, 2009

ICE/ERO Performance-Based National Detention Standards 2011
5.5 Religious Practices - V. Expected Practices
D. Schedules and Facilities
All facilities shall designate adequate space for religious activities.

This designated space must be sufficient to accommodate the needs of all religious groups in the detainee population fairly and equitably and the general area shall include office space for the chaplain, storage space for items used in religious programs, and proximity to lavatory facilities for staff and volunteers.

Religious service areas shall be maintained in a neutral fashion suitable for use by various faith groups.

The chaplain or religious services coordinator shall schedule and direct the facility’s religious activities, and current program schedules shall be posted on all unit and detainee bulletin boards in languages understood by a majority of detainees.

When scheduling approved religious activities, chaplains or religious services coordinators must consider both the availability of staff supervision and the need to allot time and space equitably among different groups. The chaplain or religious services coordinator shall not ordinarily schedule religious services to conflict with meal times.

If outdoor recreation is available at the facility, detainees shall have opportunities for outside worship, prayer and meditation, which shall be provided in a manner that does not conflict with meal times.