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Friday, August 27, 2010

Younger students (P1 through P3) still meet in structures built of tree branches with dirt floors and straw roofs at Palwar Primary School in Southern Sudan. A permanent building has been constructed for older students, and land has been cleared for a second building. The new building at Palwar school is one of three education projects implemented by Jesuit Refugee Service and funded by the U.S. State Department's Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration in Lobone Payam, Southern Sudan. Palwar opened in April 2010. (Christian Fuchs - Jesuit Refugee Service/USA)

• Every child of Southern Sudan should have access to primary and secondary education.

• The education of girls should remain a high priority and be promoted through international organizations familiar with local communities. 

• Southern Sudanese communities should be supported in their efforts to staff and direct their schools with mutually acceptable support from international agencies and organizations, until such time as these communities and the Government of Southern Sudan develop the capacity to assume responsibility for them.

• International organizations and the GoSS must do more to ensure that quality education is made available in areas of repatriation.

• Because hungry children cannot learn, education must be accompanied by sustained and increased support for the World Food Program projects in Sudan that seek to address current food shortages.

• In-service training and college education must become more accessible to teachers in Southern Sudan.

• In addition to support to education for children, sustained international support is needed for adult education, including community peace building and reintegration activities in order that the full benefits of  peace can be realized by all of the people of Southern Sudan.

• Whatever the outcome of the CPA, the Government of Southern Sudan will require sustained international support to strengthen all of its institutions, including its Ministry of Education, if the gains made thus far are to continue.

• In order to fully succeed, education requires an environment of stability and hope, this environment can only be achieved if both the governments of northern and southern Sudan uphold their stated commitment to non-violent reconciliation.

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