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Recommendations for Action
Monday, May 03, 2010

"Haitian civil society is still weak. But we have a lot to offer, we understand our country and the situation on the ground. We can be a support to strengthened Haitian government, and help to hold our leaders accountable to the people of Haiti. The Haitian people must be tapped as the real resource for reforming our nation." Fr. Kawas Francois, S.J., president of the Jesuit Interprovincial Committee for the Reconstruction of Haiti.

• There must be better coordination of food aid, sanitation, water so that all camps are receiving appropriate aid on a regular basis.

• The Cash for Food and Cash for Work programs need to be strengthened and expanded. These address important psychosocial needs to reduce idleness and the sense of dependency, as well as meeting food needs.

• Unofficial camps should not be neglected, nor disconnected from aid efforts until appropriate living alternatives have been offered for camp residents. The Haitian Government should be asked to use its eminent domain authority to claim appropriate tracks of empty land for camp residents under threat of forced displacement.

• Women must be fully integrated into all camp leadership committees.

• The International community and the Haitian government must immediately address drainage, sanitation, and security needs for vulnerable populations.

• Camp management and aid delivery structures should always include consultation and cooperation with the displaced people who are swiftly forming their own organizations to advocate for their own particular needs. More attention must be placed on supporting the food and relief needs for IDP recipient communities and people not living in camps so that moving to a camp is not the only way for people to receive minimal food, water, and livelihood assistance.

• To avert future disasters, cities and towns outside of the capital must be armed with the resources to build the infrastructure necessary to sustain their current populations and allow for natural growth. A governance plan based on decentralization of emergency assistance, services and resources, strengthening the capacities of local governments and the establishment of mechanisms to ensure the direct participation of civil society actors outside of the capital must be ensured.

• Despite an established need for continued foreign support, the long–term development of the country must be led and carried on by Haitians for Haitians.

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