Urban Refugees: Hidden in Plain Sight
Recommendations for Action
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Recommendations for Action
Monday, March 01, 2010

Jesuit Refugee Service/USA calls on the international community to ensure adequate assistance to urban refugees by:

• Improving systems for outreach to and assessment of vulnerable individuals in urban refugee settings;

• Establishing programs to address the needs of especially vulnerable individuals, including urban refugee children, and people with disabilities, either by referral to existing social services or, where necessary, the creation of special programs;

• Improving access for all urban refugees to existing social services, including schools and hospitals;

• Creating assistance programs in urban areas to meet refugee specific needs, such as family tracing, trauma counseling, re-certification and documentation;

• Improving access to durable solutions, including resettlement processing;

• Improving livelihood opportunities through income generating projects, access to micro credit loans, and skills training;

• Reaching out to urban refugees to offer legal status and meet immediate needs.

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