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You Too Can Accompany Refugees
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You Too Can Accompany Refugees
Thursday, December 02, 2010

“I think about Africa every day. It is a part of my awareness. Part of my spirit is always there. Whatever I choose to pursue in my life will be connected to that underlying mission to serve others,” Ashley said. (photo courtesy of Ashley Gagne)

You Too Can Accompany Refugees

After thirty years, JRS celebrates its tradition of accompaniment.  We continue to welcome volunteers, who make a profound difference by working for and with refugees in over fifty countries around the world. You, too, can make a difference by supporting the work of JRS and by accompanying refugees in your own community.

Some ways you can help include:

• Welcoming refugees and migrants to your own community.

• Volunteering through your catholic diocesan resettlement office to help refugees resettled in the United States begin their lives as new Americans.

• Teaching English as a Second Language courses for newcomers.

• Educating yourself and your family and friends about refugee issues, by visiting the JRS website.

• Supporting comprehensive immigration reform legislation to ensure fair treatment of asylum seekers and migrant workers in the U.S.

• Supporting a generous U.S. response to refugee assistance efforts and to humanitarian emergency response abroad.

• Donating to JRS to support the work of our staff and volunteers in fifty countries around the world.

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