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Recommendations for Action
Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Jesuit Refugee Service and our Jesuit affiliated Dominican Partners call for:

• An end to the retroactive application of the 2010 nationality provisions by government authorities and recognition by the Dominican government of the citizenship of all persons born in Dominican territory before January 2010, regardless of their ethnic origin.

• The immediate issuance of pending identity documents and birth certificates to all persons born in Dominican territory before January 2010. 

• The engagement of the Dominican Human Rights Ombudsman in documenting and denouncing cases in which Dominican identity documents have been wrongly denied.

• Review by the newly established Constitutional Tribunal of cases in which Resolution 12 has been applied in the Dominican Republic to retroactively strip Dominicans of Haitian ancestry of their citizenship.

• A national dialogue among the Dominican authorities, media outlets, business leaders, human rights activists and religious and civil society leaders to address discrimination, statelessness and inter-ethnic conflict.

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