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(Washington, D.C) — JRS Action Teams are groups of anywhere from three to 100 members that rally around their common concern for refugee and forcibly displaced persons, and their drive to effect positive social change in their local and global neighborhoods. 

These teams support Jesuit Refugee Service/USA’s advocacy efforts by forming a grassroots movement to inform, educate, and empower local communities to take action and demand responsible actions from the U.S. government and beyond.

While teams vary in size, structure, and activities, they share the common goal to support JRS/USA’s advocacy efforts and refugee and forcibly displaced issues at large. Further, JRS Action Teams commit to meeting regularly and coordinating activities and events that promote a brighter future for our refugee brothers and sisters.

JRS Action Teams receive direct support from JRS/USA staff as well as opportunities to network with other teams via national phone calls, email updates, and nationwide events.  Check back to this site frequently for more tools and resources to support your team’s mission, and please don’t hesitate to email JRS with your questions or suggestions. 

View the attached PDF (click here or on the Action sticker logo directly below this story) for more information on starting a JRS Action Team in your community or school, or call 202.629.5942 or email JRS Outreach for more information. 

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