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  Dallas Jesuit College Prep takes action for refugees
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  Imago Dei: Journeys of Courage, Hope & Home
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  Outreach to schools & parishes raises awareness of refugee issues
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  Refugee camp simulation opens student eyes
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  Sharing JRS' mission with students and parishioners
  Sharing the Jesuit Refugee Service mission with students
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Joanna Glum 17, of El Camino High School in Sacramento during a scene from the play. We invite and encourages interested groups at high schools, colleges, universities and parishes to hold full theatrical productions and/or dramatic readings of the play Imago Dei: Journeys of Courage, Hope & Home. (Christian Fuchs — Jesuit Refugee Service/USA)

(Washington, D.C.) — Jesuit Refugee Service/USA invites schools and parishes to stage Imago Dei: Journeys of Courage, Hope & Home, a company-produced piece of documentary theater written and produced by the students of Jesuit High School of Sacramento for JRS/USA.         

Interested groups at high schools, colleges, universities and parishes are welcome and encouraged to hold full theatrical productions and/or dramatic readings of the play Imago Dei: Journeys of Courage, Hope & Home.

The purpose of these events is to raise awareness of the refugee experience and refugee issues, as well as to invite communities to take action to accompany, serve, and advocate for the rights of refugees around the world.  

Organize an Event
Host a Performance or Reading of Imago Dei: Journeys of Courage, Hope & Home

The performance season of Imago Dei: Journeys of Courage, Hope & Home is now open. Request materials to host a performance or dramatic reading of the play by sending us an e-mail

In your e-mail to our Outreach Coordinator, please be sure to include the following information:

• Your Name
• School or Parish
• Date of event
• Number of people hosting the event
• Expected number of participants and attendees 
• Script you are requesting:
  • Full theatrical production
  • Dramatic reading/small group only

Note: If you are a teacher or faculty member at a Jesuit high school who is interested in using this script in your class for a unit examining issues facing refugees/a historical perspective on refugees/ethics/Catholic  Social Teaching, please email our Outreach Coordinator. Additionally, click here for our online curriculum designed for secondary schools. 

Please click here to learn more about Imago Dei: Journeys of Courage, Hope & Home.

What are Imago Dei events?

Imago Dei events are designed to raise awareness of refugee experiences and issues through the performance or dramatic reading of a company-produced play written by students of Jesuit High School of Sacramento, Imago Dei: Journeys of Courage, Hope, & Home.  We offer two versions of the Imago Dei script, one designed for a full theatrical production of the play Imago Dei: Journeys of Courage, Hope, & Home, a second script adapted for dramatic readings and small group events. Included with scripts are discussion questions designed to guide group dialogue and reflection after the performance/dramatic reading.

Where do Imago Dei events happen?

• Universities/Colleges
• High Schools
• Parishes
• Communities
• Retreat Centers

When may I organize an event?

They are typically held during the school year (late August to May), but can be held at any time. Significant dates you can organize around include:

• February 20: World Day of Social Justice 
• March 8: International Women’s Day 
• June 20: World Refugee Day 
• June 26: United Nationals International Day in Support of Victims of Torture
• August 30: International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances
• November 14: Founding of Jesuit Refugee Service/Pedro Arrupe’s Birthday
• December 10: Human Rights Day 
• December 18: International Migrants Day

How do I register to organize an Imago Dei Event?

Please note the requirements below. Failure to adhere to these rules will result in our rescinding permission for you to present an event. Requirements for Hosting Any Imago Dei Event are:


• Event organizers and cast should not be paid for the performance.
• You charge for admission to full theatrical performances only.
• Donate at least 70% of your net profits (post-production costs) to JRS/USA’s efforts on behalf of refugees and internally displaced people. For more information on how to make a donation, please contact our Outreach Coordinator
• Additionally, at the discretion of your event organizer, you may wish to donate the remaining 30% of your net profits to a local refugee community or local refugee assistance organization.


• The rights to the play are free.
• The script may only be used for registered performances and may not be reprinted or redistributed.
• You may consider adding one company-produced additional monologue or reflection piece to the script pending the monologue’s approval by JRS/USA.


• Only one organizer is required, but they must be over 18 or sponsored by a faculty member at a school. 
• Minimum of 5 people; no maximum
• No acting experience is necessary
• If you are presenting a full theatrical production of the play, we recommend a maximum of five performances per Imago Dei event. 
• Full theatrical performances should be produced without intermissions.  


• You must include information about Jesuit Refugee Service/USA in your activities, outreach, and publicity. You will receive materials from JRS/USA for outreach when you receive your script. 
• You must use the full title of the play in all publicity.
• Excerpt performances of the play may be produced for promotional purposes only.
• Strive for diversity and local connections in both production and outreach for your event. Please consider inviting other local high schools, colleges, universities, parishes, communities, and retreat centers to participate in or attend your event. 

If you have any questions, please contact our Outreach Coordinator

Short video excerpts of the play can be seen here.

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