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Eritrea, 18 September 2018 – Aron* fled Eritrea from forced conscription into the military. His family, including his mother and three siblings rely on him provide for them. To help him to earn an income and reach his goals, JRS provided training so that he could become a peer counselor. He now is a counselor for JRS and helps others, like himself, with psychosocial support.

Jesuit Refugee Service works with refugee students around the world. We know that when refugees are given an opportunity to learn, it can have valuable and lasting impact on their lives. JRS provides services that allow refugees to overcome barriers to education such as child care support, menstrual hygiene management, or counseling and psychosocial support. We understand that education during times of conflict and crisis provides vulnerable children and adults an opportunity to re-build their communities and create more hopeful futures.

“I have taken this bitterness with grace and turned my lemons into lemonade.” Aron’s passion is to help those in need, which stems from years of neglect, abuse, and his knowledge that changing the world starts with helping one person. “I feel like my reason for being on Earth is because I’m destined for greatness and want to help others heal and reach their dreams.”

We invite you to learn more about refugee education, share stories of why refugee education is so important, and give the gift of education through our online Global Education Initiative Gift Catalog. You can purchase items like a new pair of school shoes for a refugee child for $25 or provide a whole classroom with textbooks for $100. With your support, we can give more students a seat in the classroom.  

*Name has been changed for security reasons

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