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A child eats outside of her family's new home in displaced settlement outside of San Pablo, Colombia. (Shaina Aber - Jesuit Refugee Service/USA)

(Washington, D.C) — Jesuit Refugee Service supports a negotiated resolution of the armed civil conflict in Colombia and advocates for policies that will lead to a just and sustainable peace in that country. Toward that end, JRS has successfully advocated to encourage U.S. policy makers to shift the focus of U.S. foreign aid to Colombia away from military support, and toward greater contributions to humanitarian aid and programs for sustainable development. In cooperation with our partners in Colombia we work to protect the human rights and dignity of all Colombians, with particular attention to refugees and internally displaced persons, and to promote the participation of civil society organizations in Colombian politics.

Download past issues of The Refugee Voice on issues related to the Colombian conflict by clicking the titles below.

Voices of Colombia's Displaced (June 2007) 

Colombian Refugees Seek Recognition and Renewed Dignity in Ecuador (September 2008)

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