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The government of Panama confines Colombian refugees who cross into Panama to the Darien, a jungle region on the border. This family are in Puerto Piña, Panama. (Sergi Camera/Jesuit Refugee Service)

Jesuit Refugee Service accompanies refugees and the displaced in Panama, Venezuela, Ecuador and within Colombia itself. Our offices in these countries provide emergency assistance, legal and psychological services, vocational and rights-based training and general accompaniment and protection to both Colombian refugees and internally displaced Colombians.

Refugee Council USA — a coalition of 26 U.S. non-governmental organizations including Jesuit Refugee Service/USA — sent a delegation of members and a representative of the Canadian Council for Refugees to meet with refugees, NGOs, government officials, and with representatives of the United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees in Panama and Ecuador last November.

This issue of The Refugee Voice is drawn from findings from that trip and several others made by JRS/USA in recent years. Please visit Spotlight on Issues to read the full report. 

~ Fr. Michael A. Evans, National Director, Jesuit Refugee Service/USA

Please click here to read this issue of The Refugee Voice — Quiet Crisis: Colombian Refugees in Panama and Ecuador

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