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Washington, D.C., 13 February 2018 - Tomorrow marks the beginning of Lent - a time when we can reflect on our thoughts and actions and renew our commitment to be Christ's companion. At Jesuit Refugee Service, this means a particular renewal of commitment to be companions of refugees. 

For many of us, we need this call to recommit. We are tired - tired of negative headlines about refugees, of rhetoric that cuts against the grain of our faith and values, and of the significant unmet needs that exist around the world. 

This Lent, JRS/USA has prepared a publication to help us do just that. Renewing Welcome - which includes reflections, prayers, and actions you can take - is a tool to help you, your community, or your parish to renew your commitment to refugees as we prepare for the renewal of Christ and the resurrection.

Click here to download to full publication.

Are you doing something to renew your commitment to refugees? Tell us on social media using #RenewWelcome

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