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Al-Sakhour, 4 June 2018 – “A dream that I wish would come true- would to get the chance to build my house again. I also hope one day my children will regain their smiles as they used to be before. Whatever it takes, I will do everything I can to secure their future.” Fatimah Hanbaroush - Al-Sakhour, East Aleppo.

Thirty-four-year-old mother Fatimah used to have a cozy, warm life with her three children and husband. They were trying their best as parents to secure a decent life for their children.

They are from the Al-Sakhour area and used to live in a separate apartment, which is very different from the situation now, where they live in an almost inhabitable room with fourteen other people. “In the blink of an eye, everything around us was filled with dust. Me and my sister-in-law started to run looking for our children, until we went down to the ground floor where my mother-in-law lives, and miraculously, we found that they had survived,” said Fatimah.

The war has also caused their family to lose employment and income to support their needs. With a pool of tears in her eyes, Fatima shares her husband’s hardships of finding employment after being injured. “Since last year, my husband cannot walk in a straight line. After many surgeries, he is still suffering from three unhealable breaks in his foot.” He used to work as a barber before he got injured, now he works as a janitor, because the position is more accommodating to his medical condition.

Fatimah and her husband do their best to stay encouraged and positive for their children. The hope and faith within Fatimah dwells deeply. She dreams of one day rebuilding a room for her children, nothing will stop her determination.

For this World Refugee Day, June 20, 2018, JRS/USA is asking you, our friends and supporters, to join us in calling on the President to stand with and support our Syrian brothers and sisters. Help us remind him and the Administration that we continue to have a responsibility to take humanitarian action during this crisis. 

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