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Al-Sakhour, 7 June 2018 – “I want to be the person who I always dream to be, and I will”.

With a childhood full of energy, they walk... With a hopeful smile, they continue... With an ambition to fulfill their dream, they learn... The AL-Rahme brothers are two brilliant boys, who insist they be called survivors and not war’s victims. They go to classes each day in spite of their situation of displacement.

“We used to live in Neirabieh – in rural Aleppo. We have fled many times from one place to another until we settled here in the AL-Sakhour area.”

Eleven- year-old Abd-AL-Jabbar describes, without complaining, the journey with his family as a travel to survival, not to despair. “It was time to flee, that’s what my mother said that day when a missile fell in our street and spread horror into everybody’s heart. It was like a nightmare. That day, I realized what the word ‘war’ meant.”

Abd recalls waking up to sounds of destruction hitting buildings around them and it taking lives in front of his eyes. “We were surrounded by fear, our lives threatened; therefore, my family chose to flee for the sake of our safety”, he added.

Despite all the suffering Abd-Al-Jabbar experienced, he chose to use his faith to help him recover and heal his trauma. Today Abd-Al-Jabbar and his brother Zain are excellent students at the JRS center. “Finally, we have learned the alphabet pronunciation as we should. Finally, we have a place to go where we learn correctly. Our schools are crowded, there is no place for a student to ask a question and get the answer.” The young men cherish their education and abilities to learn new things while interacting with others.

They tell people that they do not need to be reminded of the war that tried to kill their dreams. They want people to remind them about those dreams, so they can rebuild what the war has destroyed.” I want to be a doctor, an officer, or a volunteer like you when I grow up.” Abd is still unsure of what he wants to be when he grows up, but he knows very well what the word “future” means and the possibilities it beings him and his family. 

For this World Refugee Day, June 20, 2018, JRS/USA is asking you, our friends and supporters, to join us in calling on the President to stand with and support our Syrian brothers and sisters. Help us remind him and the Administration that we continue to have a responsibility to take humanitarian action during this crisis.  

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