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Washington 27 June 2018 - Millions of children are forced to flee their homes every year. These children make up 51 percent of the world’s refugee population, with millions more internally displaced or seeking asylum. Children who have been forcibly displaced are particularly vulnerable to the trauma of displacement and are five times more likely to be out of school than in non-refugee situations. 

JRS/USA believes that we have a responsibility to these children and to respond to them with Pope Francis’ call to welcome, protect, promote, and integrate. News at our Southern border begs us to respond to this call. JRS works with displaced children around the world, and from this work we know that with these four words, children can thrive. 

One of the best ways to respond is through education. Education plays a critical role in sustaining, and sometimes even saving, lives. In emergencies as well as in protracted situations, where refugees are displaced for long periods of time, entire generations can be lost because of a lack of education. 

Over the coming weeks, in cooperation with our global #4words campaign, we’ll be sharing stories of children JRS serves and how you can get informed and involved. 

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