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Damascus 20, July 2018 — The eyes of eleven years old Omar hides many painful incidents that no one should have to endure. One night in July 2014, in Jarablos city in rural Aleppo, Omar and his father Abdullah were trying to cross the street that led to their house. Unfortunately, this street was being observed by a sniper. Abdullah was injured and died instantly. This horrifying scene happened in front of Omar’s eyes which deeply affected him. 

Omar and his deceased father remained trapped in this street until midnight, neighborhood elders managed to move the father's body to a second area. But unfortunately, they left Omar behind. As the next day passed, neighbors entered the area to remove Omar and deliver him to his mother."Before Omar came to me, they told me he had died with his father, but I did not believe them," said his mother.

Omar was different from his other brothers, he was very fond of his father and was keen to stay with him all the time. He came to his mother in his worst state, he was extremely affected by what happened and did not say a word to those around him. His pronunciation for words became difficult and the situation worsened as the days passed. He also became hostile to family and friends.

His mother realized that she should not stay in this area anymore, she tried to get out of the city, but her attempts failed. Two months later, a huge explosion happended on the street where Omar’s family lived. The state of panic and horror led Omar to jaundice, and there was no medical care in the area to diagnose his condition.

During this time, his mother's most important priorities were getting out of the region to treat her son, whose health deteriorated everyday, After suffering for a full year and several attempts to leave the city, she managed to leave with her family to Aleppo. At that time, Omar's health took a turn for the worse due to lack of vitamins, iron, and calcium in addition to jaundice, speech disorders, and low psychological state.

His mother could not stay more than a month in Aleppo because of the high prices, so she decided to move back to Damascus. When the family settled in Damascus, in Dwelaa neighborhood, Omar's mother began to search for a suitable treatment for him and a center for him and his two brothers to learn and spend more time with other children. She heard about JRS’s Ibrahim Musleh Center, which helps children who've dropped out of school and provides meaningful child protection activities. 

"Thank God, his psychological state has become much better since he mixed with the children, he is no longer as aggressive as he was and became a lover of people around him. He is very happy here, he loves life more, the brothers here treat him in a very refined way, he feels comfortable here," his mother said. Omar’s pronunciation has improved and marked an acceptable level, approximately 50%, but he still needs to continue treatment. Because of the trauma, he has a lack of consciousness from a normal and calm life to the surprising shock he began to suffer from a lethargy in his brain. He's still determined to make a difference in this community and with his family. When asked what do you want to become in the future? He replied suddenly and without thinking, "I want to become an officer to defend my family and my country." 

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