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"Although the issue of immigration is a flash point topic for many people in our country, the underlying truth is that it is about people seeking a decent and honest way of life," says said Father Kenneth Gavin, S.J., National Director of Jesuit Refugee Service/USA. Migrants do not leave their homes and families and move to a new country seeking a hand out, they move seeking the opportunity to make for themselves a better way of life and a way to provide for their families. JRS/USA believes the U.S. Congress must develop policies that reflect the reality of our times. The necessity of comprehensive immigration reform flows from a broken immigration system that separates families and has crippled our ability to regulate immigration adequately.

JRS/USA seeks to respond to the call of Christ who is present among those who are suffering from the consequences of current immigration policy and the reality of undocumented migration, apprehension, detention and deportation.

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