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Accompaniment at core of JRS/USA mission
February 11, 2010

(Washington, D.C.) Feb 16, 2010 - The National Director of Jesuit Refugee Service/USA,  Fr. Ken Gavin, S.J., was on Talk of the Nation Monday to discuss his recent trip to Haiti.

Fr. Gavin on NPR: “… when we talk about our work in Jesuit Refugee Service, we say that what we do is accompany, serve and advocate or defend the rights of refugees or forcibly displaced people. And that term, accompaniment ... is incredibly important, because I see it as the envelope out of which all our service and all our advocacy – however important they are – flow from that sense of accompaniment.

And what we mean by that, I think simply, is to be close to the people, to be in solidarity with them, to step into their shoes, to experience their hopes and losses. Our sense of accompaniment comes from that spark of the divine that we recognize in every human person. It comes from our believing that even in the greatest tragedies like Haiti, that our God stands present with people in their suffering.”

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How Can Outsiders Help Communities In Crisis?

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