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Jesuit Superior meets JRS staff after recent visit to Sri Lanka
March 11, 2010

(ROME) March 11, 2010 - Fr. Adolfo Nicolas S.J., Father General of the Society of Jesus, visited the Province of Sri Lanka last month. While visiting the region of Colombo-Galle, Father Nicolás stressed several themes particularly dear to him: depth of commitment, creativity and life in the Spirit, and inserting these into the specific reality of Jesuits in Sri Lanka today.

He noted that technology can be a powerful aid to serious intellectual work and to the strengthening of commitment but that it can be a temptation to superficiality. He concluded by saying that unless religious life shows such experiential commitment it will have little to say to Asia so steeped in deep and ancient religious traditions.

The meeting with the Jesuits of Kandy district was an opportunity to highlight the challenges the Society faces in Sri Lanka.  He called attention to the promotion of dialogue between the north and the south of the nation and among factions who are in conflict.  It is necessary, he said, to build bridges and form alliances that will promote a just society.

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