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Get Involved: National Days of Action for Colombia
March 21, 2011

Get Involved: National Days of Action for Colombia
Organizer's Packet

(Washington, D.C.) March 21, 2011 — This April, thousands of people are coming together to advocate for peace and justice in Colombia and take action through the Days of Action for Colombia.

Acting in solidarity with millions of displaced people in Colombia, we:

• Believe that U.S. policy should support negotiations for a peaceful end to the armed conflict. After 50 years of war, with a new Colombian Administration there is now a window of opportunity to reach a peace agreement that the U.S. can support.

• Believe that the U.S. should forge economic ties that spur people-centered development and help create opportunities for the rural poor and endangered workers. The United States should support victims’ quests for truth, justice and reparations. The protection of human rights defenders, community and religious leaders and people working for land return must be a priority. They should be afforded the opportunity to live in peace and without threats of violence from any armed groups, including the military.

•  Believe that the United States must prioritize social and humanitarian funding to protect and assist internally displaced persons (IDPs) and refugees. The U.S. should promote lasting solutions for the Colombian refugees and IDPs.

•  Believe that policymakers should invest in drug prevention and rehabilitation programs to reduce demand for drugs here at home. They should also increase funding and accountability for programs that promote sustainable economic development in Colombia. The United States should ensure that such programs are designed in consultation with Colombian small-scale farmers, indigenous and Afro- Colombian communities and not be carried out in partnership with the military. 

Download the Organizer's Packet — the PDF to the left on this page — for  information on how to bring the Days of Action for Colombia to your community.

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