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Updates from the Kino Border Initiative
June 22, 2012

Updates from the Kino Border Initiative
A volunteer at the Kino Border Initiative helps to prepare one of the two daily meals provided to those in need. (Mitzi Schroeder - Jesuit Refugee Service/USA)

(Nogales, Arizona) June 22, 2012 — The Kino Border Initiative shared these updates with us about their ongoing work on the border of Arizona and Mexico. The summary below is as of May 31.

• The Migrant First Aid Station has treated 1,148 people for symptoms such as blistered feet, dehydration and cold and flu symptoms.  Many thanks to the KBI's staff nurse Norma Alicia Quijada, the Southeast Arizona Area Health and Education Center (SEAHEC), the Santa Cruz Community Foundation in Nogales, Ariz., health-career students from the University of Arizona and nursing students from the Pablo de Anda Nursing School in Nogales, Sonora for all their assistance and support.

• Nazareth House has provided shelter for 170 women and children.

• The Aid Center for Deported Migrants (CAMDEP) has served 28,188 meals to deported men, women and children in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico. We are so grateful to all our volunteers from the U.S. and Mexico who make this tremendous work possible!

Last year the KBI hosted 52 groups from different universities, parishes, high schools and other organizations. Since the start of the year the KBI has  already hosted 13 groups from different universities, high schools, parishes and organizations.  Most have come for short-term immersion experiences lasting from one day to a week.

• On April 21, 2012, the KBI hosted its first annual Step-Up event in Tucson, Ariz. Sixty five people attended and $6,700 was raised! Thank you everyone for your support! 

• On May 21st and 22nd, Fr. Peter Neeley, S.J. led a workshop on migration at the Immigration and Refugee Conference held at the University of St. Louis.

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