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Afghanistan: Seeking peace, focusing on education
November 07, 2013

Afghanistan: Seeking peace, focusing on education
Jesuit Refugee Service has been providing primary, secondary and informal education in Afghanistan since 2005. (Francesca Campolongo — Jesuit Refugee Service)

(Washington, D.C.) November 7, 2013 — Jesuit Refugee Service has accompanied and served the people of Afghanistan for eight years by providing education at various levels, teacher training, vocational training and livelihoods programs to build up human and material resources for the sustainable development of vulnerable groups. 

In Afghanistan, JRS has been providing primary, secondary and informal education since 2005. Last year, teams in Bamiyan, Herat, Daikundi and Kabul offered training and support to teachers, as well as direct services to 4,500 boys and girls. The JRS-supported Herat Technical Institute has grown rapidly in seven years, and today offers technical hands-on education and English-language training to 880 students, including more than 230 girls.

Prem Kumar S.J., the Country Director of Jesuit Refugee Service Afghanistan, recently spoke with us about the programs in Afghanistan.

In addition to traditional education methods, JRS and Jesuit Commons: Higher Education at the Margins recently began online classes in Herat. 

With the introduction of online education, the students of schools like the Herat Technical Institute will receive the opportunity to produce the qualified and competent workforce Afghanistan will need as it attempts to take the path of development and self-reliance.

You can learn more about JRS in Afghanistan on the JRS South Asia website.

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