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Take Action on World Humanitarian Day
August 19, 2016

Take Action on World Humanitarian Day
Refugee girls from Somalia take part in Jesuit Refugee Service programs at Melkadida refugee camp in southern Ethiopia. (Christian Fuchs — Jesuit Refugee Service/USA)
Live in the Washington, D.C. area? Join JRS/USA on Sunday, August 28 at the DCRally4Refugees on the National Mall.

(Washington, D.C.) August 18, 2016 — Every day, humanitarian aid workers stand on the front lines of war and disaster, braving tremendous dangers and difficulties to deliver assistance to those who need it most. World Humanitarian Day — commemorated each August 19 — recognizes those who risk their lives in humanitarian service and mobilizes all of us to advocate for humanitarian action.

In the midst of the largest refugee crisis in history, Jesuit Refugee Service staff and volunteers help provide critical emergency, educational and psychosocial services to almost 725,000 refugees and other forcibly displaced persons in Syria, the Central African Republic, South Sudan and more than 40 other countries, often working in precarious and dangerous conditions.

This September, the United Nations and President Obama will gather world leaders to host two summits that will address the refugee crisis. These summits aim to increase humanitarian aid, raise the number of refugee resettlement and admission opportunities, and guarantee the right to work and access to education for all refugees. You can help by speaking out to ensure that the U.S. continues to lead by example and stand alongside the most vulnerable. 

The U.S. must take full advantage of these opportunities to create real change for the forcibly displaced. In order to truly lead by example, we must also look to our own borders at those fleeing violence in Central America.  Instead of detaining and deporting those who come in search of safety, we must provide the protection, security and assistance they need.  

World Humanitarian Day was designated to coincide with the anniversary of the 2003 bombing of the United Nations headquarters in Baghdad. As we honor those who sacrifice to make the world a better place, take a moment to speak out and urge the U.S. to lead by example and live out our moral responsibility to find solutions to the refugee crisis.

Thank you for taking action today.

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