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UPDATE: JRS in Chad, Giulia McPherson's Firsthand Account
March 30, 2017

UPDATE: JRS in Chad, Giulia McPherson's Firsthand Account
Got Amir, Chad (Giulia McPherson, JRS/USA)

On a January 2017 visit to Chad, JRS/USA Director of Advocacy & Operations, Giulia McPherson met with JRS staff and saw first-hand the impact JRS’ work is having on the refugee populations we serve. Read her firsthand account that ran in News Deeply on March 30.

Operating in eastern Chad since 2006, JRS Chad coordinates education programs for Sudanese refugees residing in 12 camps. From the Darfur region of Sudan, these refugees fled Sudan beginning in 2003, as the result of targeted killings at the hands of Arab militias known as the Janjaweed. JRS Chad offers preschool, primary, secondary and tertiary education programs as well as teacher training. This year, JRS will also begin to coordinate child protection programs in the camps. 

With little hope of returning home and after more than a decade living in camps, humanitarian and development communities are working with refugees and host governments to coordinate a sustainable path forward. This includes offering more educational and livelihoods-focused with an eye towards integration among the host community, as well as seeking more support from donors to enhance both infrastructure within the camps, and among the host population as well.

Meet JRS Chad’s Country Director, Alberto Martin Huertas

Chad January 2017

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