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Show Your Solidarity
November 17, 2017

Show Your Solidarity
Pope Francis shakes the hand of an asylum seeker at a detention center in Bologna, Italy wearing the same ID bracelet that migrants in the center must wear

Washington, D.C., 20 November 2017 — Last month, Pope Francis visited a refugee center in Bologna, Italy to meet refugees and asylum seekers. Most of these individuals had risked their lives on perilous journeys through the North African desert and across the Mediterranean. Many of the refugees and migrants are without documents and all wear a plastic yellow bracelet. While there, Pope Francis was given a yellow bracelet, just like the ones worn by refugees, reading "Papa Francesco" with the ID number 390003, which he wore humbly. 

With his bracelet on, he greeted the refugees and asylum seekers one-by-one, posing for pictures, and offering blessings. He offered them his compassion and told each of them “I want to carry with me your faces,” and that they are “fighters of hope,” wishing that their hope may never turn to delusion or despair. 

This is one of many times that Pope Francis has continued to remind us of our obligation to our brothers and sisters who have been forced to flee their homes, and asks us to be in solidarity with them. "We have a duty toward our brothers and sisters who, for various reasons, have been forced to leave their homeland,” He says, “a duty of justice, of civility, and of solidarity." 

As we get closer to the end of the year, we ask that you express this solidarity and consider a gift to the Jesuit Refugee Service/USA. With your gift, we will send more children to school, help more parents provide food and shelter for their children, and provide post-trauma support to more families than ever in our history. Click here to make a gift. 

If you are interested in getting an ID bracelet of your own, to show your solidarity, please give a gift online, and indicate in the “additional comments” that you’d like to receive a bracelet.

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