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JRS/USA Celebrates National Migration Week 2018
January 08, 2018

JRS/USA Celebrates National Migration Week 2018

Washington, D.C., 8 January 2018 — For almost 50 years, the Catholic Church in the United States has celebrated National Migration Week, which is being celebrated this year from January 7th through the 14th. This week is an opportunity to reflect on the harsh circumstances faced by all migrants, such as immigrants, refugees, unaccompanied minors and children, and victims of human trafficking. It is a reminder to all of us the duty required of Christians to take responsibility to our brothers and sisters who, for a variety of reasons, have been forced to flee their homes.

Pope Francis continues to remind us of this shared responsibility to welcome, to protect, to promote, and to integrate migrants and refugees. With more than 65 million displaced people worldwide, the responsibility is significant.

This year’s National Migration Week theme is “Many Journeys, One Family,” reminding that “Regardless of where we are and where we came from, we remain part of the human family and are called to live in solidarity with one another.”

“We know that often migrants and refugees are seen as ‘unknown others’ instead of people, but no matter where you live or what you do, there are ways that you can recognize their humanity and respond to today’s refugee crisis” said Giulia McPherson, JRS/USA’s Director of Advocacy & Operations. “From a small act of kindness in your community to advocating on behalf of refugees in the halls of Congress, taking action can have significant impact. We encourage JRS/USA supporters to use this week as a platform for change to demonstrate solidarity and to make an impact on the life of a refugee or other forcibly displaced individual.”

For more information on National Migration Week and ways to engage migrants as community members, neighbors, and friends visit the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Website.

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