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Light in the Darkness: Vigil for Immigrant Families
July 26, 2018

Light in the Darkness: Vigil for Immigrant Families

Washington, D.C. 26 July 2018 — As a part of the Campaign for Hospitality, Jesuit Refugee Service/USA is joining Ignatian Solidarity Network in a mini-campaign entitled "A Light in the Darkness: Vigil for Immigrant Families", which is intended for both faith communities (parishes, schools, etc.) and individuals to participate in by keeping a candle lit and praying daily for immigrant families.

At the Jesuit Refugee Service, we think that, no matter where you live there are ways that you can respond to people who are displaced each day due to violence, persecution, and war.  Doing an act of kindness in your community or advocating on behalf of refugees can help refugees and migrants. 

                                                      ...So, how can you get involved? 

Join a Pilgrimage - Find out if any pilgrimages to local immigration detention centers are happening near you, and join. If no pilgrimages are happening in your area, contact Kim Miller at to learn more about how to get one started. A list of pilgrimages will be added by August 3.

Call Congress - Call your Congresspersons using (202) 224-3121 and share the following message: Please support immigration policies that honor the human dignity of all migrants. The U.S. should uphold due process, the right not to be detained indefinitely, to not be returned to danger, and the right to maintain family unity and not be separated.

Write a Letter - Write a letter to a person in an immigration detention center. Contact Joanna Williams at to learn more.

Learn More About Fostering - Learn more about how you can become a foster care family to a child impacted by immigration policies.

Sharing on Social Media -  Add a Facebook photo frame to your profile picture to let your community know that you are keeping vigil for immigrant families. 
To add the frame:

1. While in your profile, hover over your profile picture and select “Update Profile Picture”
2. Select “Add Frame”
3. Search “Ignatian” in the Add a Frame to Your Profile box.
4. Select the “Light in the Darkness Vigil for Immigrant Families” frame.

Check back for more inspirational ways to get involved and follow along on social media with  #LightInTheDarkness 

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