Our Mission is to Accompany, Serve and Advocate for the rights of refugees and forcibly displaced people

Jesuit Refugee Service/USA is an international Catholic non-governmental organization whose mission is to accompany, serve and advocate for the rights of refugees and other forcibly displaced persons. 

JRS/USA witnesses to God's presence in vulnerable and often forgotten people driven from their homes by conflict, natural disaster, economic injustice, or violation of their human rights.  

As one of the ten geographic regions of the Jesuit Refugee Service, JRS/USA serves as the major refugee outreach arm of U.S. Jesuits and their institutional ministries, mobilizing their response to refugee situations in the U.S. and abroad. Through our advocacy and fund raising efforts, JRS/USA also provides support for the work of JRS throughout the world.  

JRS/USA gives help, hope, ear and voice to vulnerable people on the move by being present to and bearing witness to their plight; by relieving their human suffering and restoring hope; by addressing the root causes of their displacement and improving international responses to refugee situations. 

In addition, JRS/USA inspires the Ignatian family and others to respond together to the needs of refugees and displaced persons worldwide and forges strong partnerships with like-minded institutions and agencies devoted to the cause of refugees and displaced persons.

JRS works in more than 57 countries worldwide to meet the educational, health, social and other needs of refugees and other forcibly displaced persons. JRS services are made available to refugees and displaced persons regardless of their race, ethnic origin, or religious beliefs.
JRS provides primary and secondary education to approximately 170,000 children, and undertakes advocacy to ensure that all displaced children are provided with a quality education.

Jesuit Refugee Service/USA is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Kenya: university grads redefine their futures
(Kakuma) October 7, 2015 – Graduates of a unique online university program at Kakuma refugee camp in northwestern Kenya are challenging the notion that the suffering of the past defines their futures. Eighteen students graduated from Jesuit Commons: Higher Education at the Margins last month.The program offers tertiary education to refugees in the camp. 
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Refugees in Croatia find support from JRS
(Zagreb) October 2, 2015 — After Hungary completed construction of a barbed wire fence along its border with Serbia, people traveling through the Balkans began arriving in Croatia. JRS South East Europe was there to provide assistance in the reception center near Zagreb from midnight 16-17 September when the first group of refugees arrived.
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U.S. has moral responsibility to welcome refugees
(Washington, D.C.) October 1, 2015 — Jesuit Refugee Service/USA and the U.S. Jesuit Conference joined a broad coalition of interfaith leaders from across the country in writing to members of the U.S. Congress to urge that vulnerable individuals from a host of religions, ethnicities and backgrounds have been and should continue to be resettled in the United States.
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JRS at 35: Interactive Timeline
(Washington, D.C.) September 28, 2015 — On November 14, Jesuit Refugee Service will be 35 years old. Then, as now, the world was transfixed by images of people fleeing conflict — often via treacherous sea voyages — to seek safety and security elsewhere. In 1980, Pedro Arrupe S.J. was moved to found Jesuit Refugee Service.
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JRS 35th anniversary awards dinner tickets, sponsorships, and underwriter opportunities
(Washington, D.C.) September 24, 2015 — Jesuit Refugee Service/USA supporters and friends are invited to join us for the JRS 35th Anniversary Awards Dinner at the University Club in New York City on Dec. 1, as we commemorate 35 years of service to refugees and the forcibly displaced. 
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Ten urgent steps to address the refugee crisis
(Washington, D.C.) September 23, 2015 — The International Council of Voluntary Agencies, of which Jesuit Refugee Service is a member, is today urging specific actions to be taken to alleviate the current refugee crisis. ICVA members envision a world in which vulnerable people are effectively protected, assisted, and enabled to rebuild their lives and livelihoods with dignity.
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NGOs urge U.S. to step up response to Syrian crisis
(Washington, D.C.) September 18, 2015 — Jesuit Refugee Service/USA together with dozens of other state and national organizations across the United States today wrote to President Obama to urge the U.S. to “respond to the spiraling refugee crisis in the Middle East that is now overflowing to Europe and beyond.”
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European leaders: protecting life must come first
(Brussels) September 17, 2015 — Jesuit Refugee Service Europe calls on the extraordinary EU council meeting on 22 September to urgently take common action to protect refugees in Europe. The Council of Ministers meeting held in Brussels on 14 September failed to embrace the hospitality shown to asylum seekers by civil society and individuals over the past few weeks.
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Refugee children receive critical assistance at Kakuma
(Washington, D.C.) September 16, 2015 — Milk and porridge. Sometimes the simplest things can make the biggest difference. Ahmed, a nine-year-old boy living in the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya, used to be too weak to chew and swallow solid food. But with nutritional assistance provided by Jesuit Refugee Service he has shown steady signs of improvement.
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Join Jesuit Refugee Service in New York on Dec. 1
(Washington, D.C.) September 15, 2015 — Jesuit Refugee Service/USA supporters and friends are invited to join us for the JRS 35th Anniversary Awards Dinner at the University Club in New York City on Dec. 1, as we commemorate 35 years of service to refugees and the forcibly displaced.
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Recent stories
U.S. takes steps to admit more Syria refugees; more must be done to help those in need
(Washington, D.C.) September 10, 2015 — Jesuit Refugee Service/USA welcomes the announcement Thursday at the White House that the United States will accept at least 10,000 Syrian refugees in the next year. However, JRS believes the U.S. must do far more to ensure that not only Syrians but also refugees of other nationalities seeking protection by flight across the Mediterranean are offered the dignity, compassion and opportunity they deserve.
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JRS urges Australia, U.S. to increase humanitarian intake
(Washington, D.C. and King's Cross, NSW) September 9, 2015 — The impact of the Syrian refugee crisis in Europe has jolted citizens in Australia and the United States into realizing they can respond more urgently and generously to the humanitarian disaster caused by the Syrian conflict. 
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Europe: Catholics answer Pope's call to welcome refugees
(Brussels) September 8, 2015 — Catholics across Europe are answering Pope Francis's call to show hospitality to refugees. Since the Pope's statement earlier this week, Jesuit Refugee Service has heard from thousands of people eager to host refugees in their homes, provide clothing or offer other help to those in need.
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Europe: Historic wave of welcome for refugees
(Rome) September 7, 2015 — As Pope Francis calls Europe's Catholics to welcome refugees and thousands stream into Germany and Austria, "we are witnessing a historic moment," says Peter Balleis S.J., international director of Jesuit Refugee Service. "Walls are falling down in people's hearts." Existing JRS programs help refugees with housing, legal aid, and more.
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Pope urges concrete help for refugees
(Washington, D.C.) September 6, 2015 — Pope Francis today urged every "parish, every religious community, every monastery, every sanctuary of Europe, take in one family" of refugees fleeing violence, Radio Vatican reports. The Pope noted that "Before the tragedy of tens of thousands of refugees fleeing death in conflict and hunger and are on a journey of hope, the Gospel calls us to be close to the smallest and to those who have been abandoned."
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Praying with refugees in Iraq
(Erbil) September 6, 2015 — Adhraa is a young single woman who fled the ISIS invasion of her Iraqi town and now lives with her family in the city of Erbil. She talks about how her faith has evolved because of her ordeal.
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Take Action: European Refugee Crisis
(Washington, D.C.) September 4, 2015 — The images say it all. Overcrowded camps and cities filled with refugees. Boats holding more than they should carry over the Mediterranean waters. Families carrying children across railroad tracks in transit throughout Europe. Bodies washed ashore. Please take a moment to urge the U.S. government to demonstrate leadership at this critical time.
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Show your support for programs to #EducateRefugees
(Washington, D.C.) September 3, 2015 — After a busy few weeks of families wrapping up summer activities and scrambling to buy school supplies, most children in the United States have returned to school. This is a time of renewal, excitement and hope for young people across the country as their minds are exposed to new ideas and opportunities.
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Solutions for legal challenges facing asylum seekers
(Washington, D.C.) September 1, 2015 — Addressing the needs of people seeking refuge in the U.S. is a complex and multi-layered issue. A partnership between Jesuit Refugee Service/USA and 13 Jesuit law schools focuses on the challenges identified by legal practitioners working to assist asylum seekers and other vulnerable migrants from Central America.
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Europe: Yes, we can prevent refugee deaths
(Brussels) August 31, 2015 — With no alternatives, people fleeing war and oppression try to reach safety in Europe at any cost. All too often they die. Stopping such tragedies is entirely achievable. Through cooperation and good governance European states may open legal and safe channels for refugees to reach Europe. Now is the time for a European humanitarian visa plan.
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